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Regular market vendors...

Amber Oaks Ranch

Grass fed beef, pastured pork, organic pastured chicken eggs

We strive to supply the local community with grass fed & pastured meats and poultry. We raise our animals in a sustainable, natural way involving regular rotations to a fresh 'salad bar' of pasture, thus providing the highest nutrition for the animals and at the same time protecting the environment from overgrazing, erosion, and water contamination... find out more

Marpy Naturals

Natural body care products, lip balm, lotion bars, body butter, bug repellent, sunblock, deodorant, scrubs and balms

Hi! I'm Marpy. I've had a passion (some say obsession) for skin care all of my adult life. I began making skin care products after years of using raw shea butter, then raw coconut oil, and removing makeup with oils. Eventually, I was introduced to Young Living essential oils, and recipes started flowing... find out more

Hohns Acres

Pasture raised chicken and pork, chicken eggs and duck eggs, and pre-orders for Thanksgiving turkeys

Hohns Acres is a family farm focused on providing meat and eggs for our local community by raising pigs, chickens, ducks, and turkeys on pasture using regenerative practices... find out more

K's Kitchen

Kale chips and bite sized snacks

My kale adventure started as a fundraiser for my church. In one month, I had met my goal and afterwards people were asking for more, more and more... find out more

Rusty Star Ranch

Grass fed beef, goat milk soap and lotion, canned pickles

We raised Grass Fed Dexters, Registered Nubians and Mini Nubians... find out more

Keene Culture

Freeze dried fruits and vegetables and plant hangers

Keene Culture is just that, our family culture, where every talent is embraced and nurtured... find out more

Market Garden 42

Seasonal vegetables, fruit, herbs and value added goods

Market Garden 42 is a farming collaboration between Krissy Voutas and Austin Moline based in Elgin, Texas.

Our goals are to grow food using ecologically based and regenerative natural farming practices, to contribute to community service and outreach efforts by providing affordable produce and education around these practices, and to test the viability of alternative growing methods in our bioregion... find out more

Yegua Creek Farms

Pecans, pecan products, seasonal jams, wood working products, local honey, baked goods

Yegua Creek farms is located between Elgin and Taylor, TX. We grow pecans and sell pecan products, as well as specialty breads and other baked goods... find out more

Rustic Manor Creations

Barn wood products, rattlesnakes skins, crotcheted items

Paula Bryant, a native Central Texan, with a passion for designing, building, creating items out of barn wood, reclaimed wood, yarn and even rattlesnake skins. My imagination runs wild! All items made are one of a kind having their own special character... find out more

Woodhoek Wild

Woodhoek Wild Handcrafted Natural Soaps and Candles

Fine handcrafted natural, vegan soaps and candles, made with a short list of ingredients that you can pronounce, and lots of love... find out more

Dell's Favorite Texas Olive Ranch

Olive ranch in Elgin Texas with 1300 olive trees

Planted in 2011, growing high-quality Arbequina, Arbosana, and Oliana olives for Extra Virgin Olive Oil... find out more

Sweet Life Soap Company

Goat milk soap, lotion and other goat milk products

The Sweet Life Soap Company is a small family run goat milk soap company. We use 100% goat milk in our soaps from our own goats! All that creamy milk lowers its pH, making it very gentle and moisturizing. We also offer lotions, scrubs, and balms... find out more

Down Home Ranch

Handmade tote bags, rancher art work, coasters, plants, rancher wood work, DHR t-shirts, potholders, custom laser tumblers

Our mission is to empower the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through social, educational, residential and vocational opportunities... find out more

Pizza Party

Neopolitan style pizza

Coupland Honey Company

A family owned and run honey bee business.

We specialize in Real Texas Honey that only we produce. We sell honey and nucs in the spring. When time allows I do removals and get swarms and am registered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service. I also provide bees to people looking to keep ag exemption on their property, please contact for prices and information. We hope you enjoy our pure Texas honey... find out more

Sweet Bee Flowery

Flower bouquets

Home grown, beautiful fresh cut flowers... find out more

Garden Diva

Chicken eggs, quail eggs, herbs, potted vegetables

It has been my passion for the past 10 years to develop a sustainable farm. Here I am today succeeding with my journey. Don't get me wrong there's been a lot of trial and errors but it sure feels good that I'm following my heart.

Our partner farms range from a sustainable meat farm to a organic heirloom vegetable farm.

For myself and partnering ranches, we are dedicated to providing good value, consistent quality and dependable service to fulfil your needs. We use sustainable practices like diversified farming, vermiculture, composting with nitrogen - fixing plants, and raise their animals outdoors without antibiotics and hormones... find out more


Local produce and canned pickles

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